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   If you have some time to spend, take a look at these photos from the shows that we've attended.  We've also posted some photos of the layout under construction, just to give some contrast to the "finished" product.  All photos are by Chris Burchett unless otherwise noted.

October 6th & 7th, 2007 - NMRA Carnival of Model Railroading
Berea, Ohio

  • Things are quiet today around the fire department located in the industrial side of Franklin. Nearby, LE&O caboose No. 903154 brings up the rear of a passing freight.  Photos by Peter Maurath (as are all photos in during this exhibition in Berea)
  • Meanwhile, a work crew repairs a street light in front of BJ's Cafe on Charles Zehner Boulevard.  The Indians are playing the Yankees in the ALDS in nearby Cleveland--you honestly believe much foot traffic exists today?
  • Over in Howerton, a railfan sets up camp in Baustert Coal Company's office parking lot.  Note the Hyundai Excel and the Mini Cooper.  Of course, it's all fake--the railfan is rewarded not long after with a train!  LE&O GP38-2 No. 2150 leads the mixed freight across State Route 88 en route to Franklin.
  • After the excitement of the train's passing, we stop by the Baustert Mine to see what's going on.  By the looks of things, not too much today as single coal hopper is waiting for pick-up by the local.

October 1st & 2nd, 2005 - NMRA Carnival of Model Railroading
Berea, Ohio

  • We'll start off the 2005 Berea show series with a look at the layout and overall display.  First off, here is a lovely aerial shot of the layout, taken from the Franklin side.  Then the overall view of the display (smile, Peter!), as well as a look at the brochures and such set up next to the layout. 
  • The next set of photos is Peter's greatly detailed Franklin module.  The opening of Club 19 (named in honor of Newton) at the corner of Zehner and Tammer is great hit in the city, complete with camera crew covering the week-long extravaganza.  We also managed to snag a bucket truck to get this view down Zehner Boulevard.  Also in honor of Newton, Vezina Photography has been providing excellent video service to the community since 1994.
  • And what's a city without a hospital that is always under construction?  Hillcrest Medical is one such hospital, undergoing continuous renovation--flaunting it's non-profit status.
  • Elsewhere in Franklin, this poor fellow seems to be having some car trouble.  Thank God for AAA!  Unfortunately, he's now late to that special dinner he promised his wife to make up for forgetting their anniversary.  Got to love Murphy's Law!
  • In the Industrial District, this tractor-trailer backs into Neal-Siedel Manufacturing's main loading dock while an employee enjoys a short smoke break before it's back to work again.  Also in the Industrial District not too far away from Neal-Siedel, Erie Energy provides the power to Franklin and the surrounding area.  As can be seen, the train delivers a seemingly endless supply of coal to the plant.
  • Wagie Music, also in the Industrial District, specializes "in pipe organ installation, maintenance and repair.  It is named in honor of the TAMR's first president, the late Richard C. Wagie (1951-2005).
  • And over on the Howerton module, Heibur Manufacturing, which is a big supplier for Neal-Siedel Manufacturing, is humming with activity.  As they say, "What can brown do for you?"

April 24th, 2005 - Medina Model Railroad & Toy Show
Medina, Ohio

  • The folks who put on the Medina train show did an outstanding job as usual.  This shot is an overall view of the show from our location.
  • Peter looks over the layout during the show--particularly the Franklin module.  Once again, we were flattered with rave reviews about how nicely detailed the layout is especially when considering the amount of space.
  • Since Chris forgot to bring the Plexiglas for his module, there were a few more show photos taken of the various scenes that would normally have been difficult to shoot.  This particular scene is at Heibur Manufacturing and two guys talking while another fellow directs the forklift operator.
  • LE&O GP38 No. 2158 rounds the curve on the Howerton module on its way with a southbound local freight.  This locomotive (a second one was in the paint shop at the time) is a former BNSF unit that was converted into one of the LE&O's own.  On the rear was former CSXT caboose No. 903154, since re-lettered for the LE&O.

January 29th & 30th, 2005 - Big Railroad Hobby Show 2005
West Springfield, Massachusetts

  • The LE&O on the TAMR promotional table, with TAMR members Newton Vezina at left and Peter Maurath at right.
  • A view down State Route 88 toward Baustert Coal Company's office building on Chris's Howerton module.  Notice the railfan in the foreground with his [ahem] Hyundai Excel.
  • A Penn Central GP30 rounds the curve on the Howerton module, heading east.
  • This overall view of the Howerton module shows Heibur Manufacturing on the left, and Baustert Coal Company's office building and tipple at center and right respectively.
  • Looking down Charles Zehner Boulevard, we find traffic is rather heavy today.  This view of the Franklin module provides a unique view of the city, with a glimpse of the Industrial District to the left.
  • Another overall view, this time of the Franklin module, presents a better look at the city.  On a level higher, two of Franklin's downtown streets--Tammer Avenue and Charles Zehner Boulevard--loom above the Industrial District, which primarily lines Baustert Avenue.  The tall exhaust stack back toward the bridge is part of the scratch-built Erie Energy David L. Burris Generating Station, which receives its coal from Baustert Coal Company, also part of Erie Energy.

Construction Phase - February 22, 2004, to January 27, 2005:

  • Gluing the cork roadbed has just been completed on March 20, 2004.  For reference, the section in the foreground is the Franklin module. 
  • Peter carves out a small section of the foam insulation board base for one of the magnets on March 20.  There are four magnets on the entire layout--one underneath each industrial track--so rolling stock can be uncoupled without the slightest touch. 
  • Laying the track on March 21, 2004, after allowing the cork roadbed to fully cure overnight.  The section in the foreground in this photo is the Howerton module. 
  • Newton Vezina stopped by at one point during the construction of the LE&O back in July of 2004, just in time to catch the sculpting of the hills on the Howerton module.  Oh yeah, he did send us more than one photo, so click here for the second shot.  Neat, huh? 

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