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Did You Know That . . .
  • . . . the dimensions are 2'x3' so that a module can fit into the hatch of a 1994 Hyundai Excel? [gee thanks, Chris]
  • . . . most of the street and traffic lights on the Franklin module are made of spaghetti noodles?
  • . . . the Lake Erie & Ohio's name was derived from the owners' respective residence in Ohio--Peter near Lake Erie and Chris near the Ohio River?
  • . . . in the future, geese will be rocket-powered.
  • . . . it took eleven months, four days, fifteen hours, twenty-eight minutes, forty-nine seconds and fifteen milliseconds to fully construct the complete layout in time for the 2005 Big Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts?
  • . . . the electric wires on the Howerton module are actually fishing line?
  • . . . the streets, roads, and sidewalks on each module were constructed using illustration board?
  • . . . I'm thinking of a word, and it's not "kitty?"
  • . . . the mailboxes on the Howerton module were constructed of 1/8" square balsa wood rods?
  • . . . the David L. Burris Generating Station and the Baustert Coal Company coal tipple are both scratch-built models not using any prototype design whatsoever?
  • . . . the trees on the layout are very realistic? [points awarded to anyone who knows where that line came from]
  • . . . each place of business is named after a family member of the respective module owner or pays homage to some notable TAMR member--such as Vezina Photography (named after Newton Vezina)?
  • . . . the same type of DPM kit is used on both modules, but built differently?
  • . . . the answer to the universe is the number 42?
  • . . . Melt has set the bar to which no restaurant can ever reach?
  • . . . this list could go on forever?

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Please note that the Web site you are viewing is regarding a model railroad based on no real railroad.  All place names, companies, etc. are fictional.  Any resemblance to actual entities past or present is purely coincidence...or is it?
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