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   Welcome to the official Web site of the Lake Erie & Ohio Railway.  For those new to the LE&O, it is modular N-scale layout constructed to tour various shows within easy driving range of its builders.  These builders, you may ask, who might they be?  None other than the famous Peter Maurath and Chris Burchett (okay, so we're stretching the famous part; but hey, with over 16,000 visits to the site, that may be true any more)!

   The primary purpose of the "LEO" is to not only display the abilities of said builders, but to draw attention to the long-running table of the Teen Association of Model Railroaders.  Our little experiment as worked out quite well so far, we might add.


   One major item of mention is that both Peter and Chris recently moved from each person's original place of residence.  For the last couple years, Chris has been in Dayton, Ohio, Peter in Cleveland.  Now Chris is in West Virginia, his long-awaited dream, and Peter is now in Kentucky.  The touring circuit may take a one-year hiatus until we're all settled into our respective jobs and homes.  In the meantime, new things are coming to the LE&O, as Chris now has a basement in which to construct a new expansion to the touring module, while plans are currently being written and re-written to potentially replace the long-running Howerton module with some fresh looks and ideas.  So stay tuned as we add a construction diary and photos of the new LE&O!

   At any rate, we encourage you to look around the site, get to know our layout(s), and then, if we're planning to be at a train show near you, come out and see it in person!  It's really awesome to meet real people that have actually visited this site and then stopped by.  So if you see the TAMR banner and the layout, stop by for a bit--we'd love to see you!

   Have an awesome day and happy railroading!

-- Chris Burchett and Peter Maurath
    LE&O "Brains"

   P.S. - If you get a chance, would you mind rating our site as well?




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Please note that the Web site you are viewing is regarding a model railroad based on no real railroad.  All place names, companies, etc. are fictional.  Any resemblance to actual entities past or present is purely coincidence...or is it?
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