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Kitbashing a Hocking Valley 70-ton Hopper
Bert DuVernay

I have started to make some HV 70-ton hoppers good enough to "stand-in."  I don't have a finished product to photograph yet.

Start with an MDC Roundhouse No. 1485 three-bay hopper.  The size is about right, but it has one too many panels, if I recall correctly.  Cut out the center set of hopper doors and all the brake equipment.  Some of the exterior bracing must also be removed to match existing photos.

Get a Bowser H22 hopper kit and remove each set of doors. Insert one set of doors in the center area of the MDC body. Secure according to your imagination.  I'm using old sprue parts on the inside, concealed by a coal load.  One H22 kit will provide several sets of doors.

The Crown trucks that came with the H22 look right.  More trucks are available from Bowser.

The split K brakes are available from Tichy Train.

This approach won't yield a perfect model, but one that is pretty close.  I'm not sure about the door locks.  According to the Westerfield site, the center door locks differed between the HV and NYC versions of the 70-ton hopper.

It has been suggested that a resin mold be made of a completed Westerfield model, to make a more accurate model more easily.  I have obtained a Westerfield No. 2102 HV hopper, but I'm a "ways" from building it.


The Hocking Valley Railway by Edward H. Miller (2006)
The Hocking Valley Railway

By Ed Miller

Be sure to get your copy of Mr. Miller's comprehensive print resource of the Hocking Valley Railway.  Click here to order your copy today!

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