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   Need to contact me for any reason?  Please feel free to drop an e-mail regarding anything you wish regarding this website and/or the Hocking Valley Railway.

   Please note, I do not have any information regarding former Hocking Valley or C&O employees.  This data may be in the hands of the C&O Historical Society, but may be sketchy at best.  Your absolute best source for such information would be the Railroad Retirement Board.  The RRB Web site is located at www.rrb.gov.  It's great to find out about the people who helped run the Hocking, but I can't answer questions about when, where, etc.

   I also do not have answers to your questions regarding rates, reservations, etc. for the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway.  The Web site for the HVSR is located at www.hvsry.org.  While I am affiliated with the HVSR as an engineer, I do not want to be responsible for misinformation.  The rates are not exactly my specialty.  I have had folks on a few occassions leave me all kinds of information for reservations.  Promptly deleted, the e-mails were replied to with the correct contact information (see above).  Don't be another story!  Go straight to the HVSR's Web site for tickets.

   Always looking for articles about various topics from historical anecdotes to current operations on former HV lines to modeling the Hocking to scale.  Anything will do!  Your input makes this Web site just that much better and complete.

   Thank you all!

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